Acid Black Cherry INCUBUS review

Halloween is back! So it’s time to talk about the new Acid Black Cherry’s single! This single contains two songs: INCUBUS and Cloudy Heart. So let’s talk about both songs.


  • Artist: Acid Black Cherry
  • Composer: Yasunori Hayashi
  • CD: Single
  • Release date: October 22nd
  • Lenght: INCUBUS: 4:48 / Cloudy Heart: 4:28
  • Label: Avex Trax
  • iTunes

INCUBUS follows the style of their past single “Jigsaw”. Matching Halloween season, INCUBUS evolves around a Rock style while it tries to transmit all the main character’s pain.
The songs talk about the story of a girl called “L”, she has been searching for love during all her life, but she’s living with an INCUBUS, a demon who lives inside her and doesn’t let her live. During all her life she has been suffering, she is living a nightmare she can’t wake up from. Yasu transmits through his voice and his melody all her pain.
This is a part of the story that will be included in the new Acid Black Cherry album, we know its title will be “L” and will be released during 2015. So we won’t know until next year about “L”’s full story.
The recreation track included with this single is Cloudy Heart (by BOØWY). Yasu arranged this Japanese 80’s song with his own style. Both BOØWY and Yasu’s voices are really diferents so it’s really positive that Yasu could deal with this song, he could make a softer and higher pitched version according to his style., dealing with it as he uses more actual sounds and musical sources to produce this song, so it will be easier to listen to for the people of this current generation.

During the first week INCUBUS sold very nicely. It reached the 2nd place at ORICON list, and the 1st place on the third day. We hope that it keeps going like this because it’s a really good quality single.

Check out this preview of the INCUBUS PV and song! And… Enjoy!