Enary shows us this Russian band with a heavy visual kei influence. Don’t miss it!


This band was born in Saint Petersburg on 2002, being a visually appealing band that combines different styles such as industrial rock, goth and dark ambient.


  • Nikita (Shein or Shatenew): leader, vocalist, composer, rythm guitar, designer (2002 – now)
  • Chaotic: chorus (2002 – 2007)
  • Lackryx: bass (2002 – 2007)
  • Green: drums (2002 – 2007
  • Stinger: keyboard, chorus, programming (2006 – 2010)



This band’s been able little by little to prove, not only to their country but also worldwide, their huge talent with a wide variety of lives after the addition of a new member, Stinger (2006). And all this even though they lost their initial members except for Shein and Stinger in 2007 because of creative differences.

After an inactivity period caused by the recruiting of the new members, Akado came back with new people and the premise of re-recording old songs of their own to adapt them to their new face.

New lineup:

  • Nikita (Shein or Shatenew): leader, vocalist, composer, rythm guitar, designer (2002 – now)
  • MioMi: bass (2008 – now)
  • Kelly: guitar(2008 – now)
  • Ghost: drums (2008 – now)

After their comeback, Akado gets stronger with the release of their PV  “Oxymoron N° 2”, which features a mix of electronic, heavy metal and electronic music, topped with Shein’s multipurpose voice to sing in a gutural voice.
The highlights of this band is that, while it’s Visual Kei style, it has an Occidental background to it. Somehow, Akado has made its own style within VK, proving that it is expanding throughout the world and also that it can have its place in other countries.

  • OSTNOFOBIA. Demo (2004)
  • Kuroi Aida EP (2007)
  • Oxymoron № 2 EP (2008)




AKADO – Oxymoron Nº2 PV

AKADO Facebook

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