Akira Yamaoka working with a Spanish studio

Akira Yamaoka is working with the Spanish videogame studio Tequila Works to develop a new game for the upcoming Playstation 4.

The musician, who has expressed his soft spot for Spain more than once, is now going even further by composing, together with the Spanish David García, a next gen game called “Rime”.


In this game, we will have an isolated island to explore and it is specially interesting the fact that playing with light and shadows will be key in this game. Somehow this game reminds us of other beautiful masterpieces such as “Journey” or “Ico”.

The creators are very excited, as they will bring us an one of a kind experience, that can only be made for PS4 due to it’s massive capacity.

The trailer for the game was shown at Gamescon on August.

Link: Tequila Works official website

Source: Meristation article (Spanish)