Alice Nine’s official comeback as A9, reborn from their ashes like a phoenix!

Matching their 10th anniversary, and counting with enough experience, Alice Nine returns as an independent band. They are returning with a new image under the name A9 and a new song titled “Phoenix” which has been recently released on YouTube.
Phoenix is the song chosen for their comeback, due to its symbolism of the rebirth from the ashes of a phoenix, metaphor of A9’s rebirth.


The full version of this song has just been released so that all their fans, who have been waiting for their comeback, can see the current A9.

A9 – Phoenix Official MV

Furthermore, the image of this song is a return to their origin. With a new unique music style, mixing up Japanese and Western sound, the fans can enjoy a deeper feeling both in music and in visuals.

There’s a special story behind Shou’s black fox mask. It is being decorated with Swarovski crystals and it covers the face and make up of the singer which can be interpreted as a challenging action to redefine the well known visual rock that they were proud of.

The new single, 『銀河ノヲト』(Sound from galaxy), due to be released in August, will contain the song Phoenix. Details and other information related to the upcoming release will be updated in their official site on a later date.

This comeback EP will be produced through a crowd-funding project, named A9 FUND PROJECT, which is set for fans all over the world.


On top of that, there will be also new live event information to complete their comeback. Keep an eye on SEGAKU for more!