Bands profiles: GE+IM

That’s the name of yuhma (ex. Luzmelt)’s new solo project. Previously, he had to leave his former band, JILKA, featuring bassist Sana, due to health problems. Shortly afterwards, they disbanded.
Some time afterwards, around the end of 2015, yuhma (now known as Naoki) announced a new solo project with support members, named GE+IM. The band’s concept is related with hospitals, doctors, drugs, surgery… known as Iryou Kei (subgenre to visual kei that comes from eroguro kei), an agressive and grotesque style, all of which add up to their psycho appearance.


They have announced a few concerts throughout the year during which they’ve released a couple of cds under the label SQL RECORDS, Drastic-STU- and Kaibou Ideologie.

~Yuka Zaku