Bass’Flo & Ziyal – Matter Is Energy / Voices From Within (Akira Yamaoka Remixes)

Akira Yamaoka has taken part in a maxi single by the band Bass’Flo & Ziyal. In this CD, he was the one in charge of remixing the songs, giving them his very personal touch.


This maxi single is available for preorder worldwide and due to be shipped everywhere on February. The pack includes the following:

  • CD Maxi Single
  • 12″ Vinyl
  • A3 poster


The whole pack can be yours for only £14 (16,7€ or USD22,6) shipping not included.

A preview of what await us can be heard on this site, from where you can also preorder.

One thought on “Bass’Flo & Ziyal – Matter Is Energy / Voices From Within (Akira Yamaoka Remixes)

  1. Here is more information behind this release..

    Bass’Flo & Ziyal – Matter Is Energy / Voices From Within (Akira Yamaoka Remixes) 12″ PREORDER PACK

    Reaching to the furthest part of the universe, Sister label to Advection Music, Cosmic Origins Records was formed in 2012 by Tidal (Advection Music / Good Looking), inspired by deep atmospheric vibrations, reflecting the mid-90s intelligent jungle/drum ‘n’ bass sound. The debut release early 2013 was the genre defining ‘Timeless Travellers LP’ from Bass’Flo & Ziyal. This limited edition release featured special guest remixes from Ulrich Schnauss (Sony/Domino) & Aural Imbalance (Cadence) with only a few copies now remaining.
    Cosmic Origins Records enters the next phase of releases, with the vinyl debut from Bass’Flo & Ziyal with two very special remixes from the critically acclaimed artist & composer Akira Yamaoka (Japan, Silent Hill/Lakehouse/Konami) These remixes are one of a kind and take the original electronic versions into an alternative live acoustic arena. A first for the deep artcore drum ‘n’ bass sound. As a globally recognized musician Akira’s work is genius and offers a breath of fresh air to the conventional drum ‘n’ bass remix. For our scene this is most certainly a defining moment…

    (Pack Includes 12″ Vinyl, CD Maxi-Single, A3 Poster) – Limited Edition Set!

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