Blitzage – Akira Yamaoka’s new band and the faces behind it


Blitzage is the name of a new band that I got to know through Akira Yamaoka. The lineup features several people. Finally today, on their official FB page, they published the members.

Who are behind Blitzage?

Akira Yamaoka (Guitar)

Fairly well known for his role in Silent Hill, he has a long career in the gaming industry as a composer. He has only released one solo album so far, iFuturelist, and one single, Revolución. Up to date he has only toured with his Silent Hill band. So this band opens a lot of doors for his performance career.

Naoki Tamamushi (Choir)

Naoki is better known for being part of the duet Pudding ALaMode. Although, from what I’ve read, when she performs solo she doesn’t sound anything like that band. I couldn’t find any recording of her performing out of this band, so I am really looking forward to hearing what she can do.

Hajime Nakajima (Drums)

Nakajima is a young session drummer that has worked with Yamaoka before (they performed together with The Heana Cat). Sadly, I can’t really find much info on him or a link to a performance.

Hisashi Saito (Synth&Mix)

Saito is a well known techno artist that began in the 80s. He has performed in thousands of places and supported many musicians as well.

Tezya (Vocal)

Tezya is a vocalist that started in 1992. He has a very attractive deep voice, that together with his also very attractive looks, give him a powerful stage presence.

t-kimura (Synth)

Former member of m.o.v.e., he has a very long career as a DJ. As many times before, anime benefit from the work of this band, specifically Initial D.

On top of all this, they will already be performing in March for the first time! If you are in Japan, don’t miss out.

Blitzage Official FB