BUCK-TICK release a new DVD and single

On October 13, the band BUCK-TICK started a countdown in one of their Facebook pages. The wait is finally over, and the news was revealed on the 23rd: on January 22nd, 2014 they will release the two movies 劇場版BUCK-TICK~バクチク現象~ on DVD and Blu Ray.

In exclusive for Fish-Tank FC there will be a deluxe edition with a third movie, including extras from the film, ten special photos and other stuff.
Furthermore, upon buying the films, people can enter a draw to get an autograph from any of the members.


The single “Love Parade/Steppers Parade” will also go on sale, with the exclusive songs from the movie. It will be available in two versions, regular and limited, this one with DVD with a few live songs from their live at Tokyo Dome City Hall on 3/3/2012 (“LADY SKELETON”, “Ningyo-mermaid-“, “CLIMAX TOGETHER” and “INTER RAPTOR”).

You may enjoy the anouncement of this release and also see more info at  https://bt-movie.com/products/detail.php and https://buck-tick.com/