Chirolyn’s album “White Devil”

Chirolyn is one of the most charismatic musicians ever. He’s always seen with colorful hair and outfits, in contrast with this album’s choice of looks and tune, which are dark. Let’s check it out!

Chirolyn - White Devil

“White Devil” was released on September 25th and can be bought through Amazon Japan and iTunes.

This album features 12 tracks:

  1. Do me favor
  2. Actuality
  3. Rock is out of my hands
  4. A.C.K
  5. 孤独な月
  6. yaconman
  7. Singled out
  8. FreeSoul
  9. Grow Song
  10. Lower
  11. White Devil
  12. Made in Heaven

Check out the PV and recording snippets in this video!

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