CHOKE stirs the world up with their digital singles “No problem at all” and “The Human Anthem”

The eccentric metal rap/visual kei band CHOKE has deconstructed genres with their first digital single “No problem at all”, released on june. Now they are ready to surprise the world with “The Human Anthem”, available for online purchase since September 11th.

CHOKE began their career in the underground Tokyo scene in 2017. Their releases are proof of their will to create their own sound. Vocalist REON, guitarist KVYA NONO and bassist B5 have proven that they are here, not to follow stablished patterns, but to make their own way.

Being an indie band, they have been taking advantage of digital publishing. This has allowed them to release their music everywhere in the world. Even though their albums “CHOKE 1” and “CHOKE2” have been available for online purchase at their official store, the band decided to rely on download and streaming platforms with the release of “No problem at all” on June 5th.

Three months after the release of “No problem at all”, CHOKE takes pride in presenting their new digital single “The Human Anthem”, another defiant work that shows the band’s musical growth.

Besides the song itself, the music video is another mind blowing experience. REON, plays the role of a crazy scientist, while the rest of the band are his human experiments, giving the viewer an uncomfortable experience.

This new single is a breathtaking trip that you will wish to experience once and again! Are you ready to break free and join the rebellion of CHOKE?

CHOKE’s official website.