Datenshi Project

Datenshi Project (堕天使 Project) is a band that began exactly two years ago in Malaga, Spain. In the last few years there have been a lot of Spanish bands trying to have their own name playing Japanese music, but Datenshi Project is special.


The members are Mara (vocals), Tala (guitar) and Shuichi (bass). They’ve released two singles up to now, Hoka no Hinanjo and Contemplations. Their lives are a lot of fun, they are really humble people and on top of that, hard working. Aesthetically, they are obviously influenced by Visual Kei; the singer often dresses lolita, while the other two have a more punk-ish style. But since every concert is a surprise, their visual style could change anytime given.


What is always constant is Mara’s powerful voice. It is truly shocking that, behind that sweet and calm appearance in a small body lies such a strong voice. Together with the absolutely undisputable talent that lies within the other members, make of this an amazing band.

What I like the most about them is that they’ve got a truly personal style. Most bands try to become famous through solely playing covers of already popular Japanese bands, or perhaps their style is way too similar to these bands. This is not the case in Datenshi Project. They do play covers, but they also got a huge variety of songs of their own, in which there has been a lot of work involved. Songs with unique melodies and strong feelings in which, among all the use of Japanese, you can even find bits in Spanish.

Personally, I find this band sounds way better live than in studio. So I share here an acoustic song for your enjoyment. In their channel you may enjoy more videos.

Not too long ago they gave a free concert to celebrate their 2nd anniversary as band. It was an amazing night, where people could win prizes, maybe one of their singles or even merchandising. We also shared a cake with the band, because every birthday should have a cake. Hace poco dieron un concierto acústico gratuito para celebrar su segundo aniversario como grupo, and overall we could enjoy their company, which is always amazing.


Stay tuned to SEGAKU, as shortly you will enjoy an exclusive interview with this brilliant band.

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– Elisa