Demon Kakka’s new album, EXISTENCE

Demon Kakka (also known as Demon Kogure), vocalist of veterans Seikima II, has just released a new solo album  titled EXISTENCE on March 17th.


The CD can be acquired in two versions, CD only and CD + DVD edition.

It’s an album that has 12 tracks and whose samples can be listened to in the links below. The DVD edition, additionally, contains a music video and another one with commentaries from the artist.

The songs, very much on the line of his solo works, have a more light, upbeat style than that of his work with Seikima II. Demon Kakkais a super talented man who isn’t scared of trying out different styles, and this album is proof of that.

CD tracklist

  1. Shinzagensouki jyokyoku
  2. Bouru wa mieta
  3. Forest of rocks
  4. Just being
  5. Shibuya scrambled crossing
  6. Chikyuhemichizure!
  7. Tefu no yaunimahi
  8. Hakobunenonaha noir
  9. Shinzangensouki
  10. Post truth
  11. Stolen face
  12. Heavy metal strikes back – chimamire no mesaia tachi

DVD tracklist

  1. Bouru wa mieta
  2. Demon Kakka’s Commentary

Album can be ordered on CD Japan via the following links.