Event review: Comic Star con 2015


This weekend in Málaga (Spain) con season kicks off with the Comic Star con. SEGAKU was there to tell you all about it!

The place of the con was located at a school in the middle of Málaga. Schools are a good place for smaller cons due to the fact that, not only is the arrangement almost free for organizers, but also they offer places already settled up for specific con related stuff. In this occassion, they decided to set the dealers room in the school gym, activities outside such as soft combat, and the auditorium was used for conferences and contests.

I spent most of the time in the dealers room. The heat outside was brutal, and, while there wasn’t any AC system in the gym, at least we were covered from the sun. It was hot, and it was only bearable because the con was severely empty. There were really, really few con goers. I’ve been going to cons for 15 years now and this was the emptiest con I’ve ever been to. This is I suppose because of three factors: the absolute lack of promotion from the con’s side (people were saying they went just because they had just heard about it on that same day), that the entrance ticket was 2,50€ a day, and also because next week one of the biggest cons is taking place, so people preferred to save money for it.

There were a couple of stores, selling roughly figurines, t-shirts and accesories. The majority of stands were artisans and crafts, and of course artists. Everyone was really disappointed at the lack of people buying, and this was consecuence of the high price of the entrance ticket. For that price, there was definitely not enough to offer. It is also remarkable that some guests dropped last minute.

Another side of the con that was affected by the lack of people were the contests. There were several contests and activities, however many of them had to be cancelled because of the lack of contestants. The cosplay contest, for example, had to be postponed since there were only two contestants.

On the plus side, the organization is made by very young people, so that’s a good thing that new generations are trying to organize stuff. But this is hard, and there are many things left to be polished.
Especially good was also the food that you could buy at the con. For very cheap prices (about 2€ depending on what you were asking for) you could enjoy a hamburger, hot dog or fries, all freshly made and cooked in front of you. There was also an ice-cream stall, with artisan ice-cream and water, which were absolutely needed in the heat of the day.

Mostly, people would hang about outside, watching the open air activities and listening to music. There was also a room conditioned with consoles, with videogame competitions and also with lots of boardgames anyone could play for free.

Overall a really empty con with good intentions. I hope they keep on improving in future years.





















Thanks to Comic Star for giving SEGAKU a press pass.

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