Exclusive interview with Bass’Flo

SEGAKU got in contact with the British musician Bass’Flo from Bass’Flo & Ziyal. He tells us about how he began working with Akira Yamaoka, his musical influences and how he feels about his future projects.

– Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Bass’Flo, Ambient-Dreamscape/Filmscore music composer and Worldwide DJ, worked with major record labels such as Universal Island Records with Talvin Singh ”Mercury Prize Award Winner” Bass’Flo was selected by Talvin Singh to take part in celebrating 50 years of Island Records, with the privilege to remix his song -‘Butterfly’ which is now available to buy Worldwide!
Bass’Flo is currently in progress working on exclusive material with major A List artists; Akira Yamaoka (Konami, Lakeshore Records composer & producer of the Silent Hill Movie & Revelation 3D Soundtrack) , Talvin Singh (Island Records/Universal) , Ulrich Schnauss (Domino Rec, Sony, Atlantic), Kirsty Hawkshaw (EMI, Ministry of Sound).
I have been currently working with Akira Yamaoka composer and producer of the Silent Hill Movie & Revelation 3D Soundtrack) who has just finished a few remixes for my 2nd new album ‘Timeless Travellers’ which will be released on 12″ Vinyl and iTunes Japan. I’m also working with Kirsty Hawkshaw the vocalist for Orbital & Tiesto, I have just finished her new single forthcoming January 2014 and looking to produce tracks for her next EDM album.


– Have you ever listened to Japanese music, other than Akira’s? If so, which bands do you like?

I listen to Japanese Drum & Bass artists such as Makoto, Velocity & MC Key, i also listen to Tomi Chair from Tokyo #deep ambient house producer which i have collaborated on a few tracks, – lookout for new material forthcoming 2014. I’m also into Japanese Manga filmscores by Nozomi Aoki’s “Fist of the North Star” and Kenji Kawai’s “Ghost in the Shell”. I’m looking to work with one of these prolific producers in the near future.

– Tell us a little about how Akira and you began working together.

I have been inspired by Akira Yamaoka’s music for decades, my 1st album AM Producer01 was a successful album, featured by DJ MAG and Knowledge Magazine (currently sold out), i thought it would be a great idea to start a new album with a twist near the end as we are close to being sold out on Timeless Travellers by Bass’Flo & Ziyal.
I got in contact with Akira Yamaoka’s agent enquiring about an official remix for the LP released on 12″ Vinyl, and the following day i got an email directly from Akira Yamaoka himself saying he would love to work with me. He was on a aeroplane for an international booking listening to the whole Timeless Travellers album before selecting which tracks he would like to work on, and he quoted that he loved my sound & looked forward to coming back to Japan to start working on the remixes.

– Are you planning on working together with him sometime in the future again?

I’m looking to head over to Japan at some point. I would like to start working on more material with Akira Yamaoka, it would be great to start working on some LIVE projects with him as I’m an classical trained Tabla player (Indian drums). I fuse my recordings through electronic modules to create new sounds from earthly ancient instruments, I feel this collaboration would be deep and mysterious..

– What would you say was his impression on your work?

Akira Yamaoka’s impression on my work must have been a journey that took him back to the early days of Silent Hill. Tracks such as Matter is Energy and Voices from Within have similarities from his music from the past; it must have taken him back to that moment in time that he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve with the tracks. It’s a blessing that Akira Yamaoka has worked on this album and I look forward to working on more music with him.

Bass'Flo LIVE

Bass'Flo LIVE 2013

Bass'Flo & Ziyal

– Who are your main influences?

My family have been supporting me since I was a child, I have soo much love for my parents & sisters. As for artists, Jay Le Roc (The Legacy lives On), Ziyal, Tidal & Iriann Joyce, Ethan, Nemanoe, Galaxi, Kytel, Donic, Soul Objective & MC Smilee (the original Advection Music collective). Ulrich Schnauss, Aural Imbalance, Lii & Kirsty Hawkshaw… the list goes on.

– For how long have you been doing music? Do you live or plan to make a living out of it?

I been in the music industry for over 10 years, it’s been a successful journey selling out albums such as AM Producer01,
i will continue to make music and tour worldwide, music is my spirit; wherever I go in life music will always be inside me, it’s the light within me. Tidal CEO Advection Music UK is my manager, he has supported my music for over 8 years and without him my music would not be here today, ADV will always be the heart of Bass’Flo productions.

– You work on Drum & Bass and Dreamscape/Film music, but do you enjoy other genres? If so, which bands?

If it’s techno I would say Deepchord Echospace, Sandwell District, Modell 500, Basic Channel, Derrick May & Jeff Mills. I’m also feeling Dinka from Anjunadeep which is a Deep House record label set up by Above & Beyond, I have been playing her music for years. She is a prolific producer that will take you to the edge.

– Which work of yours is your favorite one? How can we have access to your older works?

If I could pick 1, i would say Enani by Bass’Flo & Ziyal taken from the LP: Timeless Travellers / Cosmic Origins Records. this is a track that has changed my life. There were moments in time when I felt this track was created through a dream within a dream. A spiritual thank you to Ziyal for working on this LP with me and special thanks to Aural Imbalance (Cadence) and Ulrich Schnauss (Sony) on the remixes.
For all information regarding music check out www.bassflo.co.uk / www.advection.co.uk


Bass'Flo & Ziyal LIVE

Timeless Travellers

– What are your plans for the future?

I would like to start working in the film industry composing music for major movies distributed by Warner Brothers/Paramount Pictures etc and to continue to work with Akira Yamaoka on future films/games collaborations. I also have a few new albums forthcoming 2014 entitled Origins of The Outerworld, Purl & Sinius LP, Bass’Flo LP TBC and much more. I also have a world tour coming up.

– Thanks a lot for your time!

~ Elisa ~

12inch Cover


For worldwide bookings contact: www.advection.co.uk/agency

Record Labels such as Advection Music & ‘Cadence Recordings’ is one of the few labels that specifically pushes atmospheric jungle / drum & bass in the world. For more information check out: www.advection.co.uk

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