Exclusive Jupiter interview!

Posted on May 10, 2019

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Jupiter is right now immersed in their European tour (read more about it here). For this occasion, SEGAKU was offered the chance to interview them.

Although it is a very short interview, it has interesting details you may not know about!

Thanks to everyone who sent questions!



  • Which are your sources of inspiration for your band? (musically, visually, etc)
    • HIZAKI:  Any kind of arts. I often go visit museums or churches.
  • What do you think of the current visual kei scene, both new and, on the other hand, older bands that maintain their classic style?
    • HIZAKI:  When it comes to recent bands, I feel that they lack individuality.
  • Which is your favorite Jupiter song? Why?
    • HIZAKI:  Zeus. This song is very impressive, so I actually nearly cryed on stage.
  • Have you ever thought about including guttural voices in your songs? what about breakdowns?
    • HIZAKI: I think gutural voices are not that suitable for our music… same goes for breakdowns.
  • A tour can be really tiring yet full of events and memories. Tell us about one (or more) anecdote from your tours.
    • HIZAKI: We always go to watch churches at places we go to. I felt my heart being washed every time.
  • If you hadn’t become musicians, what would you be doing?
    • TERU: I would have become a graphic designer.
  • Besides music, which are some of your other passions?
    • HIZAKI: Watching Movies
    • TERU: Drawing
    • KUZE: Drinking
  • Teru, have you thought about colaborating with a lolita brand and sell your own designs?
    • TERU: I actually often design our merchandise such as T-shirts, towels, bags and so on. So, if someone came to me with a vision, I would probably collaborate.


Thanks a lot to Jupiter for their time!

Also, thanks to Editions Hikari for this chance! Check out their FB page for more stuff on Jupiter’s tour!



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