Fade – Crossroad – History of Fade –

Fade, the Japanese band lead by American singer Jon, has released their first major album. The title contains a few new songs plus a selection of their best old ones.


There are two versions, regular and with bonus DVD

fade 1ST Major Album 「Crossroad 〜History of fade」

1. Cross Road (New song)
2. ユレノナカ  / Yurenonaka (New song)
3. One Shot Dealer (New song)
4. Beautiful
5. She
6. Better Scarred
7. Under the Sun
8. Filter
9. Last Man Standing
10. So Far Gone
11. コズミカリズム / Kozumikarizumu
12. Kings of Dawn
13. One Reason
14. Ever Free
15. Close to You (Jp)
16. Ten
17. Livin’ on a Prayer(Deluxe edition bonus track)

Deluxe Edition DVD
「Cross Road」 MV
「Cross Road (English Version)」 MV
「Close to You (Japanese ‒ Long Version)」 MV
「Close to You (Japanese – Short Version)」 MV
「Crossroad」 ‒ Behind The Scenes(Making of)

You can buy it here!