Fade disbanding

Shocking news to every fan of this band!
The amazing band that just became major have announced their sudden disbanding. This is very sad news for all of us but they will keep on with their summer tour schedule till the end.


Their message, that can be found here, says as it follows:

fade would like to sincerely thank anyone and everyone who has supported us over the last 12 years.

Today we have a very difficult announcement to make.

The 5 of us have talked it over again and again again, and we have come to a conclusion.
fade has decided to take a break of indefinite length following our tour in June.

Our opinions regarding the direction of the band’s activities have unfortunately drifted too far apart during our time with a major label.
And we feel that the time has come for the 5 of us to take separate roads, rather than continue to make and play music together.

We apologize for the timing and content of this announcement to everyone who has supported our recent major album release.
But even more, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and support you have shown us.
We hope that our growth as individuals will allow us to make new music and play on stage together for you all once again someday.

We will play all of our remaining shows as scheduled.
And rest assured that we will give our absolute best at every show leading up to our Tokyo tour final on 6/12.

We hope that you will continue support and share in our music with us until that day.
Thank you for an unforgettable 12 years!