Fans abroad

Many of us are from different countries and regions of the world, we have different tastes, different music style preferences, but we agree on two things: we like Japanese music and many of us are not fortunate enough to live or even visit Japan.


This is a problem that many of us as fans share: find discounts, startings, opening concerts of an album, a single, or even to assist to the final concert from one of our favorite bands and can’t share that moment, in the best cases get some souvenir of the event.

Some bands or artists venture to visit other countries, then fans of European countries, USA, Canada and South America sometimes, happen to be fans who dream and yearn to enjoy a concert, a signing, even a picture with them, it becomes real.

But, on the other hand, those fans who are in another country that is not on the tour list, being this chance one of the few or maybe the only time the artist or band could be visited, makes fans can get discouraged or feel the sadness for not having enough fans, promoters, events that made us this dream possible.

It ‘s true that something that is taken into account by our artists are events, promoters, even communities that, to form and become a representative of magnanimous events and having good results in a matter of assistance, they will gamble to invite a band or artist it will please us fans or the majority of the area.

Many times this is the best hope that we have, but not always is the best for us, because as negative point, if our artist or band is more independent or underground are farther to get the chance to come than others who may be liked by more fans who are not agree with us in that election.

This is a dilemma that we as fans we are reflected every day: to listen to their music, watch their videos, even to visit their websites or blogs and realize that we can not attend.

The mostly of times the distance is what makes the difficulty to follow the artist, some fans, seeing difficult to get music or have their drems frustated of going to a live, they’d decide to leave the road and somehow make it second or third place their music to devote himself to supporting more accessible music, if not forgetting about their support.

Being fans overseas is extremely difficult, in addition to the language barrier, the distance and the difficulties that we have to get access to the goods, our music taste is the same; we have not to left forgotten our pleasure because of being away, it must to be seen as a test of our love for the music we love to listen to.


~Enary, traducción Mir Mochi