Gamepolis 2015 – review & gallery

Gamepolis took place last weekend. The main novelty in this third edition was the area dedicated to indie developers. Don’t miss the review by SEGAKU, that also comes with a huge gallery!

It wasn’t my first time at the event. I went with a regular pass on its first edition two years ago, and it was quite disappointing since the only focus of interest was Youtubers and LOL competitions. There were barely any booths, the place was extremely packed and had barely any activity outside of the panels. However, the event has grown bigger and better ever since. I was positively surprised and, despite some incidents, I can say it was really good in the end.


I arrived in the place at about 12  noon and the first thing I noticed was the HUGE queue, longest one I’ve ever seen, which anticipated the big amount of people that would be in the event. I went in and looked in reception for a printed schedule, but they didn’t have such leaflets. I think that’s something they should look into fixing next year.

Even without a paper leaflet, I decided to go to the event. It was a huge place, with really nice AC and full of people and activity, but without being packed. The areas were well divided: commercial booths (with a great variety of products and prices), non commercial booths with a variety of info available, plus the PC hardware booths. Outside of that area, there was an area that was permanently packed with endless queues where people played a variety of console systems, including racing simulators with car seats, computers with diverse games, etc. Most computers, however, were dedicated to competitive gaming. Just on the back of this area there was a huge area with a giant screen where people could watch the different competitions of the event. There was another area dedicated to exhibitions, with retro consoles as well as a Star Trek booth. Finally, there was also an area with arcade games machines where games of different genres could be played for free.

However, my favorite area was none other than this year’s novelty: the indie games area. This area was laid out in a circle with different stands where you could play these games or watch some demos. These stands were accompanied by two people, generally two of their developers, with whom you could talk about the creative process of their work. In some stands, as a plus, they were giving away pins if you played their game, as well as bigger prizes if you made it through the full demo.

Said developers were all Spanish, with games for all tastes. Games ranged from musical adventures to puzzles, and even point n click and horror games. There were games for everyone, and you could vote for your favorite ones to be selected for a prize at the event.

Personally, my favorite was The Last Door, a game that I discovered long ago, and of which I’m a big fan. It’s a groundbreaking game, a 2D adventure featuring huge pixels and that plays as a classic point n click, involving lots of text and a hint of horror. Another game that I loved was  Song of Horror, a third person horror game that feeds from classics such as Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill and Clock Tower. This game takes place in an old house and the player has to survive an entity that takes different shapes by triggering different events rather than directly fighting.
There’s a lot of talent in Spain and I love seeing that people support and enjoy it, and it’s just great having the chance to play these games together with their developers. I hope that next year too they bring independent developers.

One of the biggest activities in the event was the cosplay contests. There were two of them actually, an international one (Cosplay World Masters) organized by Fusion Freak, and another one which was the main one of the event. The HUGE quality and quantity of cosplay this year was remarkable, both including cosplayers who took part in the contests and those who didn’t. There were amazing vibes among them… and they stoicly survived the awful heat we’ve been suffering all summer. All of them deserve praise.
Fusion Freak also managed to bring the professional cosplayer from Italy, Leon Chiro, who was really nice towards fans and even had a booth in which he sold prints of his photos and took pics with his admirers.

A really well organized professional event that, despite having remarkable good points (like bringing indie developers, the good spot it takes place in and the variety of booths), still commits the mistake of giving way too much highlight to other content like Youtubers, that attract a very young crowd that couldn’t care less about the event itself as long as they meet their idols.

That’s all, now enjoy the gallery.

Thanks to Gamepolis for giving us the press pass and we hope to attend the event next year as well.