Ghost in the Shell music composer Kenji Kawai interview at Toco Toco

Toco Toco, a French based show which can be watched on French TV, Youtube and even on satellite American TV, has recently interviewed the awesome composer Kenji Kawai. They have sent to SEGAKU all the details about it, and here it goes!

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Anne F., director of the show, brought us the video of said interview, as well as a summary of what we will watch:

Kenji Kawai will introduce us to the Kita-Shinagawa area, where he was born and raised and where he is still living today.

First we will visit the Shinagawa Shrine, where he used to play as a child. During the shrine’s festival in June, the “mikoshi” (portable shrine) is guided by the sound of a Japanese drum and a flute. It’s quite unusual compared to other festivals in Japan. Kenji Kawai liked the sound of this drums to the point it was his inspiration for the soundtrack of “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence”.

Then, Kenji Kawai takes us to Kita-Shinagawa shopping street. During the Edo period, this street was a part of the Tokaido road, Japan’s most famous central road which was running from Tokyo to Kyoto. This portion was called Shinagawajuku, and it was the first stop for travelers leaving from Tokyo. Kenji Kawai used to walk this street every day to go to school.

In the last part, Kenji Kawai take us to his music studio where he spends most of his time composing, recording and mixing music. He’ll tell us about the surprising way he became a composer, his influences and thoughts about composing music.

Then, he’ll explain how the famous “Ghost in the Shell” soundtrack which mix drums and Japanese traditional song was born.

Here’s the interview: