Halloween special! Indie horror games with awesome soundtracks

Halloween is here! For this special time of the year, and since horror games are my favorite ones, I am going to recommend some of my favorite indie ones… which also have a remarkable soundtrack to boot!


Lucius (Lucius, Lucius II, Lucius Demake)


It is no secret that this is one of my favorite sagas ever. It offers a whole new experience and point of view, where, for one, you are the bad guy everyone fears. And this is very clear from the beginning. You are Lucius, Lucifer’s son, and you have a mission: fulfill your father’s killing spree in order to claim your hell sent powers.

For Halloween, the whole saga is on sale on Steam. Lucius Complete Set (which includes the three games plus the Demake soundtrack) can be purchased for only 8,89€.



SOMA is a game that I was highly recommended some time ago. This game, which comes directly from the creators of Amnesia, gives us a really intense atmosphere in a futuristic underwater world that turns into a phylosophical experience about the human existence and the meaning of life.

This game is also on sale, available on Steam for only 11,19€.

Layers of Fear


Layers of Fear is one of my favorite games, and this is because of the use of graphic effects, which are perfectly tied in the gameplay. Graphics are made for the gameplay, and they are a part of the it as much as objects you can collect or puzzles.
In this first person adventure, we play as an once acclaimed painter who has to slowly regain his memories and is forced to face all the sins and mistakes he has done in his past, which lead him to his ultimate work of art.

For this Halloween, you can acquire this creepy-beautiful adventure at Steam for only 9.90€.



Outlast is the most raw experience in this list. In this game, we play as a reporter who goes to an abandoned asylum full of secrets… and will try to make it out alive in one piece. Forced into the darkness, we have our recording camera which aids us to see in the pitch black environments, making us feel that we are actually recording everything (thus we get the feeling everything we witness is real). This game doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing nudity and gore.

This game can be purchased for only 4,99€, plus its dlc Whistleblower for another 2,24€.

The Last Door


After these realistic games, I felt that I needed to throw in a non realistic (at least visually speaking) one. The Last Door is a classical 2D point and click adventure, with an iconic visual style, that offers a very interesting story. Our main character receives the alarming letter of an old friend, which takes us to an abandoned mansion full of mysteries that will force our main character to remember things that should have always stayed forgotten.

You can purchase the collectors edition for just 4,84€.


Happy Halloween!