Insert Coin documentary

One of the activities planned for PlayFest is the showing of the documental Insert Coin, presented by David García, that talks about the creative process of videogames in Spain. This documental could be made thanks to crowdfunding donations and will be showcased in the PlayFest festival.


The documentary, directed by Juan Miguel Pérez and Víctor Frías, presents the people who work in the world of videogames in Spain. With a cinema-like vision, it shows all the artistic work involved in a videogame from its very basics, besides remarking the most emotive side of the job. It also talks about current topics, such as the most practical topics: whether it’s possible or not to make a living out of this, if the government gives support to the creators, etc.
In the creation of this documental over 20 companies have been involved, giving with their testimony valuable information. Testimonies of users have also been taken into account.

insert coin rodaje

The projection will take place on Friday 12th, September, at the Casa de la Cultura in Fuengirola, entrance free of charge.

David García, the one in charge of sound for this documentary, will be presenting it giving his own point of view as a videogame sound creator and composer. With a versatile character, he has created the sound of games such as Rime, Deadlight, Zack Zero or Circuits. He has also worked for cinema together with the photographer Alberto García Alix among others. His work has been nominated to the GANG and the Bafta prizes with Deadlight, besides winning the prize to the best soundtrack in the HoPlay festival for Zack Zero.

More info (in Spanish) on PlayFest official site, FB page and twitter.