Japan Expo in Paris and why it’s an awesome thing

This week is the big week of Japanese culture in Paris, the biggest event in Europe dedicated to Japan: the Japan Expo.


Japan Expo is not just another manga event, instead, it is the biggest in Europe for a reason. As soon as you arrive to the place you are given an ENORMOUS map with the localization of every stand plus a table with the events schedule. In this event it’s impossible to stay still. Being bored is not an option, whether you go alone or with someone.

The place of the event is just so enormous that you might not be able to visit it all in just a couple of days. However, if you go after specific things then you’ll leave with a smile. I went on 2008 to the concert of machine, and this is what definitely makes this event stand out in my opinion. They have a couple of live rooms where every day several bands go to play their show, bands of all styles. And the best part is that the ticket to the concerts is included in the general one.

A lot of super important bands have been to this event, bands such as Seikima II, but on top of that, this year a lot of actual musicians such as Yoshiki, Kamijo or Hakuei are around there. And of course, guests from the anime world are also attending this event, not to talk about the Japanese fashion catwalks, exhibitions, presentations and, of course, cosplay contests, merchandising stores, and an endless list of other things.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan Expo this week and want to leave a little review, send it to this email.