Japanese artist: Haruka 遼花

Haruka is a Japanese singer­ and songwriter. She released two singles in 2008 under PonyCanyon, and after a break of 5 years, she came back to the music industry in 2013 under her own label, CLUBDISORDER.


Prior to releasing her 1st single “Muneni Kibou Wo” at the age of 19, she had worked as a lyricist when she was 16. She wrote lyrics for 2 songs in the 1st single of Aina (also a Japanese singer). “Muneni Kibou Wo” was used as opening theme for anime “Blue Dragon”. Her 2013 mini­album “Hymns to my soul” is written and composed by the artist herself. “Hymns To My Soul” and “Anthems” are available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon

“Kowaremono no Blues”



~ Text & translation: Sara