Japanese Music Film Festivals – 2 DAYS in Germany

Here comes a new type of festival for Japanese music fans in/around Germany!
You will get to see 5 movies of those Japanese artists and bands + 1 charity movie! Come and interact with the 2 bands, via Skype on big screens!


Feb 1st in Berlin, 14:00 – 19:00

Feb 8th in Düsseldorf, 14:00 – 19:00



KENJI KAWAI – Concert movie

The legend in the Japanese movie music world. His rare concert ever given, and its movie ever released is going to be screened on the big screens!
Discography Ghost in the Shell, INNOCENCE, Ring, Ring 2,  DEATH NOTE, DEATH NOTE~the Last name~, L change the World, etc etc.



WORLD ORDER – Tour movie

A group creating a unique genre of performing arts through its unique musical and physical expression. Their videos have been enjoyed worldwide over 20,000,000 times on YouTube. This time, their movie that is exclusively available with their latest album HAVE A NICE DAY will be shown at our first 2 cinema movies in Berlin and Düsseldorf. Witness their moves on the cinemas’ huge screen! Now or never!



YELLOW STUDS – Documentary & gig

A Japanese, indie, piano, sometimes jazzy, garage rock band. With no background at all outside Japan, we made their world debut movie!
What makes this band noticeably unique is the vocalist Taichi Nomura’s rare, husky voice. Mainly from the perspective of his as the leader and also from each member’s interviews on various topics, they tell you how the Japanese live music scene works, how they have come to where they are now, how they compose music, what goals they have in mind, and, of course, how exciting their concerts are!!



SUSUMU HIRASAWA – Concert movie
Another legend in the Japanese movie music world. His sound makes us feel as if we were in a world where the past (myth/ethnic world) and future (SF/computer world) meet the present. That is called HIRASAWA WORLD.
Hirasawa demonstrates a talent for music, as a composer for TV documentary music, sound track for video animation, image album for novels, and so on.
His work includes BERSERK (1997~), MILLENNIUM ACTRESS (2002), Paranoia Agent (2004), and PAPRIKA (2006).

THE VALVES – Studio gig

Agressive rock that emflames your soul, that’s their music! They have been powerfully performing on stage at gigs and festivals throughout Japan and featured in the latest INITIAL D movie.  And now with the new studio live movie, they are ready to astonish the world with their dynamics.


If there’s enough time we will also squeeze a charity movie in timetable:

  • Seats are on first-come first-served basis but you might get asked to move a little for the other audience.
  • Movies subtitled in English.
  • MC in English & German