Jupiter European tour, send your questions to the band!

SEGAKU will be covering part of Jupiter’s European tour and we want to give you the chance to ask the band anything you want in an exclusive interview. Don’t miss this chance!


Jupiter are uniting the spectacular beauty of visual-kei with the epics of symphonic metal and the speed of power metal. The melodic metal band was formed in April 2013 and debuted with their single Blessing of the Future at Universal Music on July 24, 2013.
By bringing traditional metal to the versatile approach of Japanese visual-kei, Jupiter transcends genre borders. Captivate not only their Japanese but also their international fans, Jupiter went on European tour in 2014, performed in Mexico City in November 2015, and returned to South America for a tour in 2017. Exceeding the three shows of their Jupiter TOUR 2014 CLASSICAL ELEMENT -EUROPE-, they are now coming to ten cities in six countries with the upcoming Jupiter Zeus Tour -EUROPE- in May 2019.


In case you do not know about this awesome band yet, watch and listen to their latest video, a live version of “Bring me out“.

Now, and this is what you have been waiting for. We have been granted the honor of interviewing them and, of course, we want to bring the chance of asking them any question to our readers.

Please send your questions (as many as you want!) before April 14th (the sooner, the better) to this email address (in English or in Spanish). These questions will be answered directly by the band before they start touring. You can ask general questions to the bands or to each member. The choice is yours!

Stay tuned!



  • 05/09 (Thu) Cafe Central, Weinheim (Germany) › tickets
  • 05/10 (Fri) Baroeg, Rotterdam (Netherlands) › tickets
  • 05/11 (Sat) Turock, Essen (Germany) › tickets
  • 05/12 (Sun) Underworld, London (UK) › tickets
  • 05/13 (Mon) petit Bain, Paris (France) › tickets
  • 05/15 (Wed) Backstage, Munich (Germany) › tickets
  • 05/16 (Thu) Z7, Pratteln (Switzerland) › tickets
  • 05/17 (Fri) Secret Place, Montpellier (France) › tickets
  • 05/18 (Sat) Bóveda, Barcelona (Spain) › tickets
  • 05/19 (Sun) Copernico, Madrid (Spain) › tickets