K-BLE JUNGLE ( K-ブル ジャングル )

K-BLE JUNGLE is the first JAPAN x EURO project which was formed by Eriko Kawasaki, a Japanese singer and DJ Shiru, an Italian native DJ. Eriko and DJ Shiru started making music together in 2012 and in 2013 they started using the name K-ble Jungle.


Photo by Naoya Yamaguchi, Studio DIVA; Tokyo

The music project K-ble Jungle plays in clubs and disco-bars. especially in Japan, whereas in Europe they are often invited to perform at festivals dedicated to the Oriental world. As a result of ERIKO’s studies of opera singing, concluded in Japan and Italy, their style is different because it has lyric mark, but includes also pop, electronic and rock sounds.

K-ble Jungle (Eriko and DJ Shiru) regularly appear at the most interesting and largest festivals of Japanese culture in Europe, such as Lucca Comics & Games, Japan Matsuri in Switzerland, Comicon of Naples, plus various festivals in France and Portugal. On the stage of such festivals she performs covers of soundtracks of anime, J-pop and J-rock original songs, sometimes even some traditional music.

  • Discography

Cable Jungle – ERIKO + DJ Shiru (2013 Demo CD, distributed in Japan only)

  1. 紫の歌feat. Za Goninbayashi| Written by DJ Shiru
  2. Alive | Written byリサ
  3. おいかけてSummer | Written byリサ
  4. 微笑みの爆弾| Written by 馬渡 松子
  5. 星間飛行| Written by菅野 よう子, 松本隆
  6. もののけ姫 | Written by久石 譲

Colorful CD (2014, distributed in Japan only)

  1. おいかけてSummer Long Version | Written byリサ
  2. Alive | Written byリサ
  3. Future | Written byリサ
  4. Winter Story | Written byリサ
  5. 星間飛行Remix | Written by菅野 よう子, 松本隆, Remixed by DJ Shiru
  6. Intro 2014 | Written by DJ Shiru
  7. Akai Uta | Written by DJ Shiru
  8. War Drums | Written by DJ Shiru
  9. Murasaki no Uta Dark Version | Written by DJ Shiru

Remixes (2014 Demo CD Single, distributed in Japan only)

  1. Murasaki no Uta
  2. Dirty Droppers
  3. Akai Uta
  4. Inner Universe (Remixed by Slugger Punch)

Oikakete Future (2014, Maxi-single, available in Italy, Switzerland and online)

  1. Oikakete Summer Long Version
  2. Alive
  3. Future
  4. Akai Uta
  5. War Drums
  6. Murasaki no Uta

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