K-pop at Japanese culture events

Japanese culture events have been multiplying all over Spain in the last few years. They have been increasing in popularity, bigger, attendees. Being a fan of Japanese culture is starting to be seen as something not so bad anymore… yet, Japanese music has yet to have its own space in these events, a place that K-pop or Korean pop does have.


In these kinds of events you can find all kinds of things related to anime/manga. Even stuff related to the world of videogames has successfully made its way within these events. Everytime it is more and more usual that bands and singers (national and international ones) attend these events where they play Japanese music. However, in anime cons it is almost as if people have zero interest in this kind of music beyond anime and videogame soundtracks.
On top of that, shops rarely have anything related to Japanese music. It is REALLY hard to find anything related to this kind of music, something that is not a game or anime soundtrack. I talk about bands, groups, and singers music. And when they do have something it’s more likely a Chinese knock-off.

The lack of interest for Japanese music is something I have always witnessed; it is treated as a filler. It is sad, overall, since k-pop has brutally made its way to these events to the point of having full sections of the event dedicated solely to playing K-pop videos, and you can even easily find K-pop dance contests. Moreover, and of course, the ones that enjoy it more are the young ones.

Personally it is something that saddens me greatly, given that Japanese culture events have become, because of K-pop popularity, events dedicated to Asian culture in general.

So while K-pop has a huge pressence in this kind of events, Japanese music (may it be J-pop or Visual kei), are still greatly forgotten.