La;Cen-zhow (螺旋錠)


This mysterious and dark band that belonged in the obscure Visual Kei scene from 2005 to 2009 left us with a short yet very personal discography.

The following video is their best well-known PV. It invites us to appreciate their dark, heavy style that turns raw under the voice of 廃-sutari-, creating a strong and dark feel that made them stand out. This PV, still running around Myspace and Youtube, catches the essence of their music.


Vocal: 廃-sutari-
Guitar: 楼妃-loki-
Guitar. オキ-oki- (2008 support member)
Bass:. 悠兎-yuuto- (2008 support member)

Previous members:

Bass. 猟-ryo- (left the band in 2008)
Guitar. 隆行-takayuki- (2006- 2008)


Official website

Official Myspace