Legendary guitarist Chachamaru is back!

Drummer Kozo Suganuma is releasing a new album with several artists, Chachamaru being one of them.


Chachamaru, better known as being Gackt’s guitarist, released a full on vocal album back in 2002, called Air. Said album featured all vocal tracks, most sung by him, and a wide arrange of beautiful songs.

For the last few years, he began doing other kind of activities, such as designing jewelry or clothing, without ever leaving his music job.

The other day, a video at the site of King Records surfaced. This video is a promotion of an album called Drum Paradise, which is a collaboration lead by drummer Kozo Suganuma, Chachamaru on vocals and guitar, bassist IKUO and a few more.

This song, called You’re all over me, features a classic rock feel to it, with vocals that mix English and Japanese. Lyrics, music and arrangement are all by Chachamaru himself.

This album features nine tracks:

  1. RED ZONE ~DP ver.~(IKUO)
  2. Stage Ⅳ(Shusei Tsukamoto)
  3. Tarama(Kozo Suganuma)
  4. Drum Paradise feat. SATOKO (FUZZY CONTROL)、Senri Kawaguchi、Riku Taira、Satoshi Bandoh(Kozo Suganuma)
  5. Sarasvati(Kozo Suganuma)
  6. Ruins of the Kingdom(Shusei Tsukamoto)
  7. Discus Discussion(Kozo Suganuma)
  8. VaizravaNa(Kozo suganuma&Koichi Yabori)
  9. You’re All Over Me (Chachamaru)

This work is due to be released on November 7th and can be purchased via this link.