LILLIE CHARLOTTE within Métamorphose

The old school VK followers will immediately recognize these titles. They were LAREINE works released 15 years ago. Now, they will be released again, compiled into one CD, with a new recording. EMIRU, ex bassist of the band, is the responsible, together with KAMIJO. Both will work on this re-recording, which many find surprising.


The CD is due to be released on December 18, 2013 with the following tracklist:

  1. 白鳥~Docile~ (Hakuchou~Docile~)
  2. 薄命 散りゆく百合を見つめながら (Hakumei Chiri yuki yuri o mitsumenagara)
  3. 薔薇は美しく散る (Bara wa utsukushiku chiru)
  5. 追想~Azur~ (Tsuisou~Azur~)
  6. Métamorphose
  7. gerbe
  8. 青い幻影 (Aoi genei)


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