Ling tosite sigure and their “Best of” album

Japan’s breakthrough guitar act Ling tosite sigure (凛として時雨) will release their first ‘best of’ album internationally through JPU Records on 7 August, following their recent performance at JAPAN NIGHT at Indigo2 in London on Saturday 11 July 2015.


Entitled “Best of Tornado”, the 14-track album features songs spanning the trio’s 10+ year career, from their early self-released album and EPs to their recent chart topping album “still a Sigure virgin” and last year’s “i’mperfect”. Each track has been brought up to date by being brilliant re-mastered by Metropolis Studio’s John Davis (Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood, the Prodigy).

Ling tosite sigure first came to the UK as part of The Great Escape, an experience – which included being played on the Radio 1 Rock Show – was so central to the growth of the band that photos of their time in England have been used exclusively in the album’s booklet. Since then, the group’s international following has continued to grow, further strengthened when latest tracks “abnormalize” and “Enigmatic Feeling” became the opening themes for series one and two of Production I.G’s hit anime series “PSYCHO PASS”. Additionally, “abnormalize”’s official music video has impressively accumulated near to five million views on YouTube.

“Best of Tornado” is available in the UK and Europe from 8 July 2015 digitally from Amazon MP3 and iTunes, and available on CD in the territory from 7 August 2015. Pre-order now.


Best of Tornado TRACKLIST:

  1. JPOP Xfile [video]
  2.  Telecastic fake show
  3. abnormalize [video]
  4. illusion is mine [video]
  5. Souzou no Security
  7. moment A rhythm
  8. Beautiful Circus [video]
  9. I was music [video]
  10. Azayaka na Satsujin
  11. Telecaster no Shinjitsu
  12. nakano kill you
  13. Enigmatic Feeling [video]
  14. Missing ling
  15. Boukan

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~Elisa (via JPU Records)