Litchi Hikari Club: new PV and new maxi single

Vocalist Hakuei, in his Litchi Hikari Club project, has just released a preview for his new PV called “True Heaven”, promoting the release of the new mini album “Jesus Christ Hyperstar”.


The PV is part of the new maxi single, “Jesus Christ Hyperstar”, featuring six all new tracks. The two versions of this maxi single (or mini album) are on sale on July 29th, one of the versions featuring a DVD with the full “True Heaven” PV, whereas the regular version features a bonus track.


Limited editionDAKTMLA-30

Regular edition


  1. Neo Adam
  2. エルドラド (El dorado)
  3. 赤い靴 (Akai Kutsu/Red Shoes)
  4. 薔薇の契り (Bara No Chigiri/Pledge of the Rose)
  5. 輪廻∞転生(Rinne Tensei/Infinite Reincarnation)
  6. True Heaven
  7. 日本(ボーナストラック) (Nihon/Japan), only available in the regular edition))

The video preview features a song that, personally, reminds me of his earlier solo works such as “Lost in Heaven”, with a predominantly rythimcally keyboard as base for the music. It is also remarkable for beieng much more catchier and informal than the usual LHC songs.
Also, this time, unlike other LHC videos, we only see Hakuei. He appears in different outfits and locations, giving this video a solo project feeling.

As usual, you can preorder it on CD Japan!!

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