Litchi Hikari Club’s new videos, “Kakurenbo” and “Kyūketsuki no namida”

“Kakurenbo” (赫煉墨(カクレンボ)) is the name of the newest video from Litchi Hikari Club, but it’s not the only one…


LHC are releasing a new CD called “Kikikaikai” (奇奇怪怪) on August 13th and the DVD edition includes this video called “Kakurenbo”. In this video we get to see Gisho once more alongside Hakuei in another fantastic song.

There’s more! They also uploaded a video from the very same album called “Kyūketsuki no namida” (吸血鬼の涙), in a much more punkish style. Check it out!


You can get any version of this album through preordering at CD Japan as usual.