Mexican visual kei band Tenshi no Yume ( 天使の夢)

Tenshi no Yume ( 天使の夢) or Dream of the Angels is a Mexican visual kei band that started out in 2003. Members are:

  • Angie: Vocal and background guitar
  • Mahou: Bass
  • Foür: Guitar


This band met through a Yahoo community and, after meeting in person, they realized they had similar ideas so they began playing covers together. As their ideas and creativity went on, they started to make their own music.

As pioneers of Mexican visual kei, they had to face great difficulties such as racism, homophobia (from their androginity), and the ignorance of people that, because of not knowing nor understanding visual kei, had to struggle with during the first years of their career.

tenshi no yume 3

Their looks, related to different stories and the darkness of some of the most fascinating visual kei styles, give them a gentle look. Their music, being the first visual kei band in Mexico, make them simply unique and original amongst all the visual kei bands outside of Japan.


Desenchanteé (2006):

  1. Doku
  2. Doushite
  3. D.E.A.D
  4. Hoshii (piano ver)


La Foile des Réves (2007):

  1. I’m Insane
  2. Kireina Okane


Endless – Zetsubou no Hayashi– (2008):

  1. Listen
  2. Hoshii
  3. Niwa





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