Moi Dix Mois’ “Deep Sanctuary” event with a very special guest!

Just like an annual tradition as Halloween time closes by, Moi Dix Mois announces their Deep Sanctuary event with a special guest that we love dearly takes part in it once more…

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We still remember that Deep Sanctuary that took part in 2010 with that Malice Mizer mini reunion. We talk about the year that Yu~Ki, until then missing in action, joined the event and all the fans of classic visual kei were ovewhelmed with nostalgia.

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As things are, in this year’s event the three ones, Mana, Közi and Yu~Ki reunite once more. It has been announced at ZiZ’s official twitter account (Közi’s current band).
The event will be talking place on October 11th at Asakasa Blitz.

We are anxiously looking forward for the day of the event!