Moi Dix Mois’ guitarist K passes away


On May 19th there was a very sad piece of news at M10M’s page. Guitarist K, also known as Kengo Tachibana, passed away.

This great guitarist, better known for his gutural voices that served as backing to the main voice has given much more power to Moi Dix Mois’ sound since December 2004, months after they had released their album “Nocturnal Opera” and their single “Pageant”.

According to Moi Dix Mois’ official site, they say that K had gone home and that he had been found there in that place. This information was given to the members of the band by the family of the deceased. Up to now the cause of death is yet to be known, they only informed that the funeral will be held soon and that there will be only relatives and friends there.

K was a great musician, creative, joker and according to a few videos, he was the only member in the band that could speak some English, stating his interest or curiosity for foreign languages.

Official announcement at the band’s official site

To everyone:

This is very sudden, but we can’t bear to not pass on the sad news.
Today we received contact from a family member that Moi dix Mois Project Member K passed away at his home.
We don’t know all the details [yet], but it was extremely abrupt, and right now all the members and staff are doing the best they can to cope with this reality.
Because of this state of affairs, we wanted to hurry up and inform everyone that we will not be able to do the live planned for May 24th at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE.

We are so sorry to everyone who had been looking forward to the live, but from hereafter please wait for further information to come later on.

Furthermore, as for the all-night vigil and funeral, the family members and close relatives will be having a funeral service.

We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts for all your kindness and will respectfully keep you notified.

From SEGAKU we hope he may rest in peace.