New promotional video, WE ARE ONE with V.I.P

V.I.P is the solo project of Hiroaki Nakashima, also known as the vocalist in the Japanese rockband I-ai- (I -アイ-). WE ARE ONE is V.I.P’s very first single and got released on August 11th 2014, just as SOMA and SOMA English version.


The music video to WE ARE ONE was recorded at night in a beautiful Stockholm, only a few days after V.I.P’s two debut lives in Sweden. The story revolves around a mysterious girl who has some kind of connection to V.I.P. But what kind of connection? And who is she?

The music video is directed and produced by the talented artist Endigo, who also is known as the vocalist in the rock band Overworld.

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Source: Nyanko Scandal Factory


Iona Rosin
Assistant manager at Nyanko Scandal Factory