New video: Calmando Qual’s “Insanity”

In the newest from Calmando Qual, called “Insanity”, we can see how through this unique style the band has there’s a focus in the line between lucidness and torture, as well as confinement. It introduces us to a world in which, one way or another, we begin to understand how craziness takes over our minds, or in this case, Hibiki’s.


This cleverly done video has a story which is simple and easy to follow and a song which makes this video simply unique, different to what maybe other bands could achieve.

As we said before in our review for the “Chandelier” video, Calmando Qual took this song from one of their previous singles, “Silent” (available from April 4th, 2014), rescuing this song and making an excellent video which was published a month ago.

This PV can be found in the second DVD that was released on August 27th this year under the title “Vision into the Darkness”:


  1. insanity
  2. born IQUAL pain
  3. hedonism
  4. chandelier
  5. Deadman’s party
  6. 偽りと憎しみの間で
  7. 抜け殻
  8. 空中ブランコ
  9. 闇を貫く激情の輝き
  10. 塗り潰されたエレジー
  11. 絶唱
  13. ガレキの夢

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