Online services: CDJapan

When buying online for the first time (and also when it’s not the first time), we often wonder: is it safe?

During the years I’ve been internet shopping, I’ve experienced all kinds of things. But even so, to prevent dissapointments, the best we can do is to go to specialized websites that sell new and official articles.


On this occassion I am going to talk about CDJapan. It’s the best japanese music seller I could have ever found and this is because of many reasons.
Plus, nowadays it doesn’t only sell japanese music, but also fashion, magazines, etc etc.

  • Products

The products we find at CDJapan are always new and official. This is somewhat of a downside, because once the products go out of stock, there’s no way of getting them through this site.
However CDJapan allows users to reserve beforehand. This has the advantage of, very often, being offered free stuff, like posters, signed photos, pins or other products related to the release.
Also, as I mentioned before, not only do they sell CDs and DVDs. They also have movies, figures, toys, fashion, books, calendars, even games.

A selection of calendars, most of them now discounted.

  • Service

This site’s service is the main reason why I keep coming back to them. They have an amazing customer service. If your purchase is taking too long to arrive, you can send them an email and they’ll try to locate it, or ask you to please notify them when it finally arrives after a certain timeframe. They are always looking forward to pleasing the customers and that is wonderful.
On top of that, if you get a faulty product, they will exchange it immediately. This is what happened to a girl not long ago, whose purchase (a CD) came with the box cracked, and the customer service quickly sent them a new replacement box.

Sin título-2
Another interesting service is their Shopping Service. You see anything from Japan that’s not listed on their site you can’t buy? This happens often, through services such as Yahoo Auctions JP. Well no problem, they got you covered for a small fee!

  • Shipping

Shipping is always within the established time and also the user has a lot of paying options available. This way, you can choose whatever best suits your needs.
Items are shipped in more or less thick cardboard boxes (depending on how big the product is), carefully wrapped and boxed up. Often they also send flyers and free magazines.
Products that come with a poster are shipped in long boxes, avoiding paper damage.

Sin título-3
This is the standard shipping wrap. It has bubblewrap and hard stock sleeve inside a normal envelope. 

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They also offer, for a small fee, gif bags of different sizes and colors.

  • Price

Price is a very important factor when choosing where to buy. When you purchase something here, you accumulate points that translate into Yen discount that you can apply in your next purchase. They even give you points for your birthday, but these ones will expire within a year.
Prices on the site are not the lowest ever (I’d say they’re pretty standard),  overall because in other sites you get free shipping upon spending a certain amount of money. Even so, I believe it is well worth it paying the extra on shipping because in other sites I’ve had bad experiences with faulty products.
With CDJapan however, you know you’ll always be satisfied.

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You can find a great variety of sales with super low prices!

To sum up, I definitely recommend this service. If you want to share your own experience with any other service, then email me.