Opinions about bands: machine

machine is definitely my favorite band. This is because of many things, because I love their style, their way of mixing styles, etc. I like everything about them and, definitely, the fact that I met them in person and they gave me a great feeling also makes me like them even more.


For years, I had built a fansite dedicated to them, but I haven’t had the time to keep it up. So now I will take this chance to talk about them a bit.

machine is a side-band, it is not their member’s main activity. The band is made by Hakuei (Penicillin, Litchi Hikari Club, solo) on vocals and Kiyoshi Honma (hide with Spread Beaver, Mad Beavers, Lucy) on guitar. Many musicians have been supporting the band on the bass and on the drums, such as the bassist Chirolyn (also ex hide with Spread Beaver).

machine caught my eye at first because of their particular sound that I have yet to hear in any other Japanese band. They are a mix of rock, grunge and keyboards with a futuristic and apocalyptic background in most of their songs.

machine – Hero PV from Elisa *hideko* on Vimeo.

This band was born around 1998 and, in the beginning, they were visual kei with extravagant outfits that looked like they belonged in a space era superheroes movie. It was a super informal and funny style that I absolutely adored.

Later, their style went less superhero-like and more normal regarding their looks. However, their music style has remained almost intact during these years and that is something I truly admire.

They haven’t released a full CD in quite a long time. The last work they released was a few months ago, a collaboration with Litchi Hikari Club. But sadly, this band is truly, sadly inactive since Hakuei and Kiyoshi both have another works that keep them busy throughout the whole time.

I was lucky enough to meet them in person at Japan Expo Paris 2008. Their only non Japanese performance so far. Our meeting was by chance, and it happened. And as human beings, they are also amazing.

Besides all their huge discography, I want to remark the huge variety of merchandising. In special, it is really curious how they made some releases in VHS tapes and even audio tapes, when there were already CDs at the time, but it just adds up to their extravagant personality.

I hope people start paying more attention to them from now on, because I’ve found that none of my friends who are into this kind of music know about this band. And that is truly sad.