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detrás del juego 2

“Detrás del juego” (“Behind the game”) is a documentary that is yet to be released and will be having an early show at PlayFest.

This documentary evolves around the experience of making videogames in Spain thanks to the Beautifun Games studio. This will be possible thanks to two of the authors, Marina Amores and Xabier Pou, who have been thankful for the interest in the movie.

All matters about creation, making and the most technical sides of creating videogames in Spain are the topics studied in this documentary, which is divided in two parts: first part has testimonies of about twenty professionals of the sector, while the second part follows the daily life of the already mentioned Beautifun Games studio.

On the other hand, the full program for the event can be viewed through this link (in Spanish).

And lastly, the tickets for the concert are already available! Follow this link and don’t miss yours!