Potion Craft: achieve greatness a potion at a time!

Potion Craft is the latest best seller on Steam. I was sent a key to try it out, and I’ll let you know what I think!

Potion Craft is a beautiful game that immediately draws the player into the medieval world thanks to its beautiful art direction. The player runs a potion store and has a lot of different tasks to do: exploring recipes, preparing ingredients, look after a garden, attend clients… everything is done in a really engaging way that feels fresh and new.

The game comes with a few options, different languages included, which is extremely important because text in this game is key. From all the instructions at the tutorial, to what ingredients we use, different recipes… and, of course, our client’s needs.

My favorite part is how crafting the different recipes has its own mechanics, making everything very interactive. The player can stir the pot, grind ingredients or drop them in the pot straight away, and also blow air to keep the fire going. Everything has their little animations and mechanics, which makes everything more enjoyable.

The player is also encouraged to experiment with different ingredients and recipes. It’s ok if we don’t know what we’re doing, as the map in screen tells us whether we’re reaching a goal (new recipe) or not. As we try different ways, putting certain ingredients before others, or preparing them in different ways, this map starts drawing itself in a way or another. This way, it hints us on whether we are going better or worse (if we have limited ingredients we may not be able to reach a specific goal), and also in which direction (recipe) we are heading. This map is very important, as it tells the player if they are doing this recipe the right way.
All the unlocked recipes can be saved in a recipes book, which we can read any time given.

Ingredients all have an stablished path that they go along in the map. Some ingredientes can take a vertical path, others horizontal. Some take longer paths, others shorter. When figuring out new recipes, we can focus on this, so as to reach certain recipes we need. For example, if we want to unlock a recipe that’s high above, we need ingredients that head that direction. Some ingredients also give you hints at what they do. There are fire based plants, water based plants… Try and see what you achieve!

In terms of running the store, we have the option of haggling through another mini game, or just sell at the price the buyer is willing to pay. We can also be visited by other alchemists, who may offer us a variety of goods.

We have in our hands a one of a kind game that wants players to relax, explore and experiment. Give it a try and become a potion master!

Play it HERE!