Resident Evil and its different soundtracks


I am a big horror videogames fan, however I had never played Resident Evil until now. Later, when talking about it with a friend, he pointed out the different soundtracks it has. Let’s take a look at it!

It is fairly common to find differences in videogames depending on where they are released. This is most frequently found when it comes to censorship. For example, it used to be very common to find a game that happened to be very gorey, to have green blood (or sometimes the option for blood coloring) in an attempt to make it look less menacing and allow these products to be released in more strict countries.

Check out this article on several different situations in which games were censored.

Today I am going to talk about Resident Evil and its different soundtracks. A game having a variation of soundtracks is fairly uncommon, so this caught my eye.

Mansion Basement theme, original release:

Mansion Basement theme, second release:

In its several revisions, this game also suffered from changes regarding music, like the original and the Dual Shock version:

Music in videogames does not usually change, but it seems Resident Evil is one of a kind.