Rose Noire release their First Album: Apocalypse – The Resurrection of Notes-

The thrilling duet Rose Noire formed by Jill on the violin and Louie on vocals has announced through their blogs and the media their first album called Apocalypse – The Resurrection of Notes, where the sound of their notes evolves an incredible combination of elegance, darkness and feelings which mixed turn into the apocalypse itself.


This album will be on sale on December 4th, 2013. According to what was written on their blogs and the playlist we can expect that it is going to bring light to a doomed world.

01. awareness
02. Mask
03. Maprotiline
04. Perfectionism
05. Dual Evil
06. Alice
07. Desire
08. Royal Slaves
09. Driven
10. Hollyc
11. Dawn
12. Ears
14. FEED

They released the video for their FEED song some months ago and you can enjoy it here

For more information about this album visit their official website:

~ Enary