Satsuki’s “BE YOURSELF” Tour 2019

Satsuki‘s European tour is coming up! We have all the details you’re looking for!

Satsuki BE YOURSELF official photo 1

When the prolific visual kei band RENTRER EN SOI disbanded in 2008, their singer continued as a solo artist. Little could we know that Satsuki would produce an eclectic musical work that would exceed all expectations. His solo debut single AWAKE (2009) dwelled in the gentleness of visual kei with a clear rock sound. The 2016 double release APOCALYPSE fired energy and aggressiveness with influences from both alternative rock as well as djent/progressive metal. In contrast to the rock and metal vibes, Satsuki adapted trap in REBOOT (2018), focusing on the lyrics delivered in the clarity of rap.
Further refining his skills, Satsuki released the digital single BE YOURSELF in May 2019. As the title suggests, the song reflects the artist’s ideal to be true to himself. He says: “After pondering and working on my art, I came to the conclusion that a natural way is the most powerful. We all are born to be ourselves. You can be yourself!”. The BE YOURSELF Tour 2019 is reflecting this stance.

Here are the tour dates:

  • 06/14 Bobble Café, Lille, France – Regular tickets on site, VIP tickets here.
  • 06/15 AnimeCon, Rotterdam, Netherlands – Info here.
  • 06/16 Le Garage, Liège, Belgium – Tickets here.
  • 06/22 Magnificon, Krakow, Poland – Info here.
  • 06/23 Tsunami Club, Cologne, Germany – Tickets here.
  • 06/27 Marie-Antoinette, Berlin, Germany – Tickets here.
  • 06/29 Summer Geek Festival, Mons, Belgium – Info here.
  • 06/30 Summer Geek Festival, Mons, Belgium – Info here.