SCANDAL to release GREATEST HITS exclusive CD in UK and Europe

Posted on Apr 12, 2015

One of Japan’s leading all-girl groups, SCANDAL, will release a special collection of their greatest hits exclusively in Europe on May 4th 2015.


The powerful Japanese pop-rock band is currently preparing for their first world tour, taking place between April and May. To mark the occasion JPU Records will release a special compilation CD of the band’s biggest singles and fan favourite tracks.

Titled GREATEST HITS – EUROPEAN SELECTION, the album will be SCANDAL’s first to not be released in Japan, and is instead exclusive to the UK and Europe. The collection features 15 tracks, including their feisty debut 2008 single DOLL – which has racked up over one million hits on YouTube – as well as seven of their top-ten chart smashing singles (Oricon Weekly Singles Chart) and four catchy pop-punk songs featured as theme-tunes and insert songs from popular Japanese anime.


This will be the first time several tracks from SCANDAL’s back catalogue has been made available outside of Japan, and includes a booklet containing lyrics translated into English and Romaji. This album will not be available for digital download or streaming.


  1. DOLL (video)
  3. Midnight Television
  4. Shojo S (video)
  5. LOVE SURVIVE (video)
  6. Queens are trumps
  8. Taiyo to Kimi ga Egaku STORY (video)
  10. Shunkan Sentimental (video)
  11. Awanaitsumorino, Genkidene (video)
  12. Kagen No Tsuki (video)
  13. Pride (video)
  14. SAKURA Goodbye (video)
  15. Sayonara My Friend


~Elisa (via JPU Records)

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