SEGAKU’s exclusive interview with HAKUEI

SEGAKU had the chance to hold an exclusive interview with HAKUEI last December during his activities at Expo TNT Mexico. I am sure you want to read it, so here it goes!

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S: How was Hakuei as a kid?
H: I was a “wild” child who would always play around and look for adventure outside home.

S: What made decide being a singer?
H: I wanted to jump around and party on stage

S: What do you like the most, drawing or singing?
H: Singing, as it is my main and original passion



S: What do you usually do in your free time?
H: Nothing really. Just resting and reading manga or daydreaming.

S: Which band is your favorite one nowadays?
H: Golden Bomber, they are my “kawaii” younger friends (kohais).

S: Out of all your music projects, which one is your favorite?
H: All of them actually. However, the one that reflects my individual taste the most is Litchi Hikari Club



S: How do you usually find inspiration to write songs?
H: From my personal experiences and favorite movies, novels, or arts.

S: In 2008, the concert of machine in Paris didn’t go very well, and after the concert you promised to come back to Europe to give a better concert. Is that promise still in your mind?
H: We have no specific schedule yet, but yes, we are thinking about it

S: When are we going to see you touring Europe with one of your musical projects?
H: Again, no specific schedule yet, but we want to do a world tour instead, one that includes not only Europe but the US, Mexico and Asia as well.

S: What are your impressions on foreign fans? Which are the differences between performing for Japanese fans and the fans from abroad?
H: They support us with such strong power that they make me actually feel that there is no border in music.

Thanks to Expo TNT México and to Hakuei management for this chance.

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