SEIKIMA II’s new single, “Koryotaru Shinsekai”

SEIKIMA II anounced jut yesterday through their Facebook page the release of a new single! Don’t miss it!


The single is commemorative of their 30th anniversary of their landing on Earth. Titled “Koryotaru Shinsekai” (“Desolated World”), the disk (that is due to be released on April 13th) will have four tracks, two new songs and their instrumental versions:

  1. 荒涼たる新世界 (Koryotaru Shinsekai)
  3. 荒涼たる新世界 (Koryotaru Shinsekai, Instrumental)
  4. PLANET / THE HELL (Instrumental)

Besides the regular edition, there is a limited edition whose content and price are identical, the difference being that the limited edition will be available only till the month of July.

“Koryotaru Shinsekai”, regular edition

“Koryotaru Shinsekai”, limited edition