Silhouette from the skylit to be in Germany this summer

The band Silhouette from the skylit will be taking part of NipponCon, a Japanese culture con taking place in Bremen, Germany, on June 6th and 7th.
This band, that began in 2008, has a delightful rock sound that became well stablished after their professional debut during 2011. From there on, they gained popularity within the Japanese indie scene with monthly lives.


They have released two full albums, 2 EP and 1 single. Winners of the Red Bull Live On the Road 2013 prize, they also played at Summer Sonic in 2013 and 2014.

Blue Echo PV

Opening the act for Knotfest Japan 2014, they played on stage with big names such as Slipknot and Trivium, this year they have their big debut overseas at the event NipponCon. They’ll be performing on both dates and will be also signing CDs afterwards at Gustav-Heinemann-Bürgerhaus.

Don’t miss them!

Tickets in presale
“Con-Ticket” (2 days) = 19 Euro
Samstag-Ticket (Saturday) = 13 Euro
Sonntag-Ticket (Sunday) = 9 Euro

NipponCon website